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About Us

For over a decade, Cork Fertility has been helping couples achieve their dream of having a baby. The Centre has evolved over the last decade from a small team of 5 to a team of 53. Our multidisciplinary team offers a wealth of experience and scientific knowledge and this combined with the latest technology enables us to deliver success rates that match the best in the UK and USA. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and personal service that meets the highest possible ethical and clinical standards.

Our Values

We are a progressive clinic, always keeping abreast of the latest advances in our field. The world of assisted reproduction changes constantly and as new developments emerge we assess new techniques carefully and introduce changes to clinical and laboratory protocols when are assured it will make a difference.

We are totally focused on achieving results and on continually improving our success rates. We take the time to understand your fertility problems and always act in your best interests.

We recognise that what we do is of vital personal importance to individuals and to those close to them. We take pride in our reputation for being professional, for adding that personal touch and going that extra mile to help people get pregnant.

Our Standards

Cork Fertility is an authorised Tissue Establishment regulated and licensed by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), TE-007.

The Health Products Regulatory Authority ensures that the following legislation governing the safe handling of Tissues & Cells in Ireland is adhered to:

European Directives 2004/23/EC, 2006/17/EC and 2006/86/EC
National legislation SI158 & SI 598

The Centre is inspected by the HPRA to ensure compliance standards are maintained and each time a new service is introduced. In 2012 as part of the Centre's commitment to R&D, applications for additional authorisation from the Health Products Regulatory Authority were submitted and subsequently granted for the introduction of two new services; Embryo Biopsy (for the purposes of providing a PGD service) and Vitrification.

Cork Fertility operates a comprehensive quality management system with regular internal audits to ensure continuous improvement. All of our staff are committed to delivering a professional service to the highest possible ethical and clinical standards.

Our Services

  • Fertility Assessment Clinics
  • Ovulation induction and cycle monitoring
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
  • ICSI with surgically retrieved sperm (TESA)
  • Blastocyst Culture
  • Egg, Sperm and Embryo donation
  • Cryopreservation (Vitrification)
  • Micro-TESE
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)
  • Counselling

Our Milestones

Birth of first ICSI baby   Mar 2003
Birth of first IVF baby   May 2003
Birth of first IVF twins   Jun 2003
Birth of first baby following assisted hatching   Oct 2003
Birth of first baby after Frozen Embryo Transfer   Nov 2003
Birth of first donor insemination baby   Dec 2003
Birth of first baby after ICSI with surgically obtained sperm   Apr 2004
Ideas Introduction   Apr 2006
Birth of first babies (twins) from an egg donation pregnancy   Nov 2006
IMB Licence   Jan 2008
Blastocyst culture   Aug 2006
International Blastocyst Workshop   Sept 2008
Embryo donation introduced   Oct 2011
Vitrification freezing technique introduced   Apr 2012
PGD first introduced   Oct 2012
First clinical PGD Pregnancy confirmed   Nov 2013
Ireland's First PGD Birth confirmed   June 2014
Ireland's First PGS Birth confirmed   Oct 2015



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Cork Fertility Centre has now been renamed Waterstone Clinic. Please click here to visit our new site