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In Ireland, approximately 1 in 5 couples experience fertility problems. Some are 'infertile' meaning that a person cannot get pregnant. For couples with fertility difficulties, assisted reproduction is the only option open to them if they wish to conceive.

Some couples are 'subfertile'. This means they have a reduced ability to have a baby. For people with subfertility, assisted reproduction speeds up the rate at which they will get pregnant.

Although couples with fertility worries are not physically unwell, this can be a particularly stressful time. It is important to address lifestyle issues in order to maximise your chance of pregnancy. Equally it is important to seek advice early and out rule potential physical problems.

Are you trying to conceive for less than 12 months or planning a family in the future?

If you are thinking about starting a family, concerned about your future fertility or have been trying to conceive for a short time and would like a fertility check, an early fertility check may be ideal for you. This new, self-referral service provided by Cork Fertility aims to provide answers and advice to couples or single people who are seeking reassurance regarding their reproductive health. By performing the necessary fertility investigations and assessing lifestyle factors we aim to maximise your chances of conceiving naturally. Where a fertility issue is identified you will receive prompt referral for further tests and, if necessary, fertility treatment at Cork Fertility.

Are you trying to conceive for more than 12 months or have subfertility risk factors?

If you haven't conceived after 12 months of trying for a baby it is recommended that you seek help for investigation of fertility difficulties. However, please seek advice earlier if any of the following subfertility risk factors apply:

Female partner:

  • is over the age of 35
  • has a history of gynaecological conditions (PCOS, endometriosis, PID)
  • history of abdominal surgery (previous caesarean section, hernia repair)
  • history of recurrent miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy

Male partner:

  • a history of mumps
  • undescended testes
  • had a vasectomy

Either partner:

  • has a history of fertility problems
  • prior treatment for cancer

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Remember, the majority of couples who see a fertility specialist will have a baby, with or without treatment.


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Cork Fertility Centre has now been renamed Waterstone Clinic. Please click here to visit our new site